Theo-Web. Academic Journal of Religious Education 19 (2020), V.2, 2–16.

The "Format of Specialized Didactic Research" as a Heuristic Concept and its Religious-Didactic Meaning

With the concept of the "Format of Specialized Didactic Research", the Gesellschaft für Fachdidaktik (GFD e.V.) seeks to make the special nature of subject specific didactic re-search more visible. The search for such formats is not trivial, because the research tradi-tions of the individual subject didactics cannot easily be reduced to a common denominator. Especially in the didactics of religion, a distinction has so far been made above all in terms of the methodology used, namely either in hermeneutical, empirical and ideology-critical or in historical, empirical, systematic, comparative and action-oriented. The following contri-bution discusses the significance of the concept "research format" for religious didactics. To this end, it first summarizes the current state of the relevant didactic discourse, and then takes stock of research in religious education along the dimensions of reference theories, subject areas and methodology. The comparison of both overviews leads to a sketch of pos-sible formats of research in religious education.

Research formats, subject didactics, didactics of religion, reference theories, subject areas, methodologies

Theo-Web. Academic Journal of Religious Education 19 (2020)