Theo-Web. Academic Journal of Religious Education 19 (2020), V.1, 282–289.

Development Perspectives for the Dialogue of Religions at Universities

This contribution focuses on three possibilities for the development of interreligious dialogue in the theologies at university level from the perspective of comparative theology. Each is suggested by the empirical results of this project and affects Islamic and Christian theology in equal measure. Firstly, it seems important that the encounters between the various theologies in the university context should be more effectively used to challenge students to take their own well-founded positions. Secondly, interreligious dialogue should be further developed as an instrument not only to make religious options and positions understandable, but also to link them discursively. And thirdly, it should encourage a process of learning from differences and thus further development of one's own position through dialogue.

dialogue of religions, mindset, comparative theology, interreligious dialogue, positionality

Theo-Web. Academic Journal of Religious Education 19 (2020)