Theo-Web. Zeitschrift fuer Religionspaedagogik 17(2018), H.2, 103-119

Religious Education in Intergenerational Learning Processes

The concept of intergenerational learning is significantly younger than the described object itself and corresponds with a description of the problem, which is, despite all, critical to question. Particularly in religious terms, (implicit) familial intergenerational learning processes, which were normally not explicitly triggered and can be described as very successful, can be traced in the familial context. Nevertheless, the initiation of explicit intergenerational learning arrangements offers a great potential for religious education which must be investigated. In addition to opportunities, there are also clear limits, which are finally referred to.

intergenerational, learning, religiousness, religious education, generational conflict

Theo-Web. Academic Journal of Religious Education 17 (2018), V.1