Theo-Web. Academic Journal of Religious Education 18 (2019), V.1, 148-159

Antisemitic through Islamic religious education? A qualitative content analysis of curricula using the example of general secondary schools (AHS) in Austria

The following article underlines the anti-Semitism problem in the Islamic religious education at schools and demonstrates the fundamental dilemma of anti-Semitic teaching contents through the analysis of the curricula lower cycle in Islamic religious education in Austria. The curricula analysis through the Grounded theory can be characterized as an exploration for further detailed researches of anti-Semitic contents in Islamic religious education and its prevention through the Islamic religious education. The analysis shows reasons of anti-Semitism and its potential spread in the context of the school environment. The article also focuses on the opportunities of the interreligious learning and the prevention of the anti-Semitism through the Islamic religious education in the school area.

anti-Semitism, curriculum analysis, Trialogical religious education, Islamic religious education, preventing anti-Semitism

Theo-Web. Academic Journal of Religious Education 18 (2019)