Theo-Web. Zeitschrift fuer Religionspaedagogik 18(2019), H.1, 172–199

Advances in understanding between members of different religions through the voluntary work of refugees - Results of an interview study

In the context of the worldwide migration of refugees, primarily people from Muslim countries come to Europe, where they meet people who are mostly Christian and secular influenced. According to recent studies, Islam is often experienced as a threat. On the other hand, especially people with an Islamic background rarely agree with the statement that all religions, in their center, are based on a truth. For a reduction of prejudice structures and reservations it is necessary that persons of different religious confessions interact equally. This can also happen, for example, when Muslim refugees meet volunteers with a Christian confession. The present article outlines the possibilities of building and forming relationships and the acquisition of competence with a special focus on the reduction of prejudices. As part of a qualitative study, interviews were conducted with 33 tandems, consisting of people with refugee experience (n=43) and volunteers (n=34).

Religion, Islam, Christianity, volunteer work, escape, refugee

Theo-Web. Academic Journal of Religious Education 18 (2019)