Theo-Web. Academic Journal of Religious Education 20(2021), V.1, 179-193

Praxeology. A long overdue enrichment of religious education

Religious education studies conduct an elaborate discourse on the relationship between theory and practice. What is missing, however, is an analysis and reflection of the deep structures of religious education practices. This is important because in the practice of religious learning or religious education, differences, distinctions, demarcations and orders may be constructed that contradict the normative orientation of religious education studies, which is to be a language school of freedom. In order to gain analytical acuteness in this regard, the praxeology established in particular in educational science and sociology could be helpful for religious education studies. The following considerations introduce this theory, discuss its yield critically, and, in view of problematic aspects of praxeology, make a proposal for further profiling.

Praxeology, Heterogeneity, Identity, Practice

Theo-Web. Academic Journal of Religious Education 19 (2020)