Theo-Web. Zeitschrift für Religionspaedagogik 16 (2017), H.2, 60-74

Causes of flight, negative foils, orientation frames, and identity anchors? “Religion” in children’s and young adult literature that deals with the topic of flight

Studies on religion-related migration research point to the importance of religion in the context of flight and migration. Recent young adult and children’s literature should therefore be examined to see how religion is discussed, which religious functions play a role at the textual and audience levels, and what role religion plays in these texts as a cause of flight, negative foil, orientation frame, identity anchor, resource, etc. Having done this, this article considers the consequences that religious educational work might have on children’s and young adult literature.

Kinder- und Jugendliteratur, Flucht, narrative Identität, Didaktik der Perspektivenübernahme, Erfahrungserweiterung, narrative Wirklichkeitserschließung, Religionsunterricht

Theo-Web. Academic Journal of Religious Education 16 (2017), V.2