16th Edition 2017, Magazine 2

Migration, Religion and Education. Ways towards a Migration-Sensitive Religious Education


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Page 1 Editorial Manfred L. Pirner, Martin Rothgangel
Page 2 Editorial and Summary in English Manfred L. Pirner


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Migration, Religion and Education. Ways towards a Migration-Sensitive Religious Education. Documentation of the annual GwR-Conference. Guest-Editors: Henrik Simojoki, David Käbisch

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Page 3 Introduction to the topic issue 'Migration, religion and education. Paths to migration-sensitive religious education' Sara Haen, David Käbisch, Henrik Simojoki, Mirjam Zimmermann
Page 15 Migration and religion from an educational perspective Isabell Diehm
Page 5 Migration as topic and problem for (practical) theology: A Roman Catholic perspective Regina Polak
Page 37 Towards a culturally- and religiously-sensitive education: Theses and reflections on a paradigm shift within intercultural and religious education Thomas Heller, Sophie Seher, Michael Wermke
Page 48 Religious education in the multicultural city Gordon Mitchell
Page 60 Causes of flight, negative foils, orientation frames, and identity anchors? “Religion” in children’s and young adult literature that deals with the topic of flight Mirjam Zimmermann
Page 75 Student attitudes to religious and ideological diversity - Development of a survey instrument based on the item response theory Sabine Hermisson
Page 10 International Networked Teacher Education: READY? Peter Kliemann
Page 11 Escape as a theme of the Bible. Exegetical proposals for a migration-sensitive biblical didactics Thomas Naumann
Page 12 Migration and ethical education in religious education Ingrid Schoberth
Page 13 Migration and interreligious learning in religious education: The school as a laboratory and learning field for novel social interaction Mirjam Schambeck
Page 14 Morning Prayer: “My father was a wandering Aramaean” (Dtn. 26:5). What the Votive Church tells us about migrants and refugees Alfred Garcia Sobreira-Majer, Thomas Krobath, Dagmar Lagger
Page 15 Conference retrospective Thomas Weiß, Fahimah Ulfat
Page 16 Religion as resource and risk. The religiosity of refugees in Germany: Empirical insights Manfred L. Pirner
Page 17 The role and importance of individual religiosity in refugee aid volunteering. A state-of-the-art report of relevant research Regina Polak

Research and Discourse


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Page 368 New publications of interest Martin Schreiner

Announcements of meetings

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Page 422 Announcments of meetings Julia Spichal