Theo-Web. Academic Journal of Religious Education 16 (2017), V.2, xx-yy

Migration and ethical education in religious education

In order to properly prepare ethics instruction for religious education, it is neces-sary to fundamentally establish how and wherefrom ethics instruction acquires its contours. The current debate about the ethics of disposition and responsibility has not carried over to this field. Accordingly, this article attempts to investigate this fundamental question and, employing Dietrich Ritschl’s distinction between lin-gering importance and momentary urgency, examines how the contours of ethics instruction may be developed from this tension. This fundamental question is fur-ther suited, especially in the preparation of religious education processes, to sensi-bilize what ethical education should be. The article works out what this means for instruction on the topic of migration and briefly points out aspects of the imple-mentation of such instruction.

Ethisches Lernen, religiöse Bildung, religiöse Bildungsprozesse

Theo-Web. Academic Journal of Religious Education 16 (2017), V.2