Theo-Web. Academic Journal of Religious Education 16 (2017), V.2, xx-yy

Religion as resource and risk. The religiosity of refugees in Germany: Empirical insights

Compared to the majority of Germans, migrants have very high religiosity. When it comes to refugee youths, however, there has been very little empirical examination of the significance of their religiosity towards their life, their integration and their learning outcomes, as well as the development of their religiosity in the context of their new homeland. It can be surmised that these factors can serve both as re-sources for improving living conditions and integration, as well as engender life-impairing and integration-inhibiting risks — if, for example, they assume strongly conservative, fundamentalist or extremist forms. This article presents the current state of research and reports the results from a qualitative pilot study in which N = 22 adolescents were interviewed. On the basis of this data, the article concludes by providing preliminary insights for further research, political action and the genera-tion of appropriate educational opportunities.

Religiosität, Migrant*innen, Flüchtlinge, Jugendliche, Muslim*innen, empirische Studie

Theo-Web. Academic Journal of Religious Education 16 (2017), V.2