Information about peer-review and deadlines

Since the 1/2010 issue, Theo-Web has been using a peer-peview process. The ‘Topics’  section is reviewed by the responsible editors, while articles for the ‘Research and Discourse’ section undergo a double-blind review process. The editor sends these submissions in anonymized form to two reviewers known only to him or her. The deadlines for submitting such articles are February 1 (for the June issue) or August 1 (for the December issue) respectively. The first review stage takes around two months i.e. the two anonymous evaluations will be sent to the authors by April 1 or October 1. The authors, then, have time until 10 May (for the June issue) or 10 November (for the December issue) to submit their revised versions.
Contributions to the ‘Topics’ and ‘Conference Reports’ sections remain exempt from the above review process. Conference reports and announcements for the Theo-Web pinboard need to be submitted before April 30 or October 31.

Overview of Submission Deadlines

Deadline for contributions to section ‘Research and Discourse’

Submission of prospective articleDispatch of evaluationsResubmission
June Issue
February 1before April 1April 30
December Issue
August 1before October 1Oktober 30

Deadline for contributions to sections ‘Topics’, ‘Conference Reports’, and ‘Reviews’

June Issue
April 30
December Issue October 30

Information About Peer-Review and Deadlines (German)