17. Jahrgang 2018, Heft 2

Religionspädagogik in biografischer Perspektive

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Table of contents


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Page 1 Editorial Manfred L. Pirner, Martin Rothgangel

Religiöse Bildung – ein Leben lang! Religionspädagogik in biografischer Perspektive

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Page 3 Introduction to the topic part Henrik Simojoki, Mirjam Zimmermann, David Käbisch, Sara Haen, Christian Mulia
Page 7 Religious education from a biographical perspective - an opening of fields for religious education Bernd Schröder
Page 26 Religion and Learning in the Life Course. Impulses of empirical educational research Jana Costa, Annette Scheunpflug, Cordula Artelt
Page 40 Paying attention to transitions: Confirmation work in the perspective of a lifelong community pedagogy Wolfgang Ilg
Page 56 Interfaces for Church Distance - A Response to Wolfgang Ilgs Reflections on Transitions in Confirmation Work Karlo Meyer
Page 63 Stay away, log out, leak out: Religious educational evaluation and possibilities of dealing with a crisis phenomenon Carsten Gennerich
Page 97 Unavailable sustainability - sustainable unavailability. What religious education should be based on. A response to Carsten Gennerich and beyond Thomas Schlag
Page 103 Religious Education in Intergenerational Learning Processes Michael Domsgen
Page 120 Response: Religious Education in Intergenerational Learning Processes Elisabeth Naurath
Page 127 Volunteering as a place of lifelong learning. Religious Orientations and Design Perspectives Beate Hofmann
Page 142 Who's left out? Exclusions in the context of a life course-oriented religious education Dörthe Vieregge
Page 156 Workshop 1: Supervised, plural and socio-politically integrated: Childhood today and the resulting challenges and demands of contemporary religious education Anke Edelbrock
Page 167 Workshop 2: Religious Education in Adolescence - Research Needs and Impulses for Action Stefan Drubel
Page 173 Workshop 3: On the religious spectrum of Protestant Adult Education Steffen Kleint
Page 180 Workshop 4: Religious education for the elderly - a research overview Christian Mulia
Page 189 "Religious education - for life!" Review of the joint conference of the Arbeitskreis für Gemeindepädagogik and the Gesellschaft für wissenschaftliche Religionspädagogik in Bamberg on 14-16 September 2018 Thomas Heller

Forschung und Diskurs


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Page 285 Recommendable new publications Martin Schreiner


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Page 343 Conference announcements Julia Spichal