Theo-Web. Academic Journal of Religious Education 20(2021), V.2, 52-70

Vampires, Game of Thrones, narratives, conceptual blending, correlation

Narratives emanate from the temporal-spatial contexts of society, politics, and sciences. Together they form individual and collective perspectives through their provided presence in communicative memory. In an increasingly mediatized world (audio-visual) media function as resonating spaces for narratives – especially in the juvenile environment. Using the example of the transitioning-narrative in the TV-series „The Vampire Diaries“ and the narrative of „winter is coming“ in „Game of Thrones“ the paper attempts, on the one hand, to illustrate these coherences. On the other hand, religious implications of these narratives are identified by means of the theoretical approaches of conceptual blending and the correlative space for encounter. Religious-educational applications can be derived from the obvious religious weight of the narratives that define juvenile media.

Vampire, Game of Thrones, Narrative, Konzeptuelle Integration, Korrelation