19. Edition 2020, Magazine 2

Digital (Corona) teaching: experienced, tested, evaluated


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1 Editorial Martin Rothgangel, Manfred L. Pirner

Research and Discourse

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93 How school practice undermines religious education programs. A complexity-sensitive view of (organizational models of) religious education Hanna Roose
218 The contents of religious education under scrutiny - a multi-perspective approach to a basic question of religious education Tanja Gojny, Susanne Schwarz, Ulrike Witten
132 Died for us? "Graphic narratives" to open up soteriological-christological discourses in religious education Steffi Fabricius
152 Religion at school. On the relationship between teaching and pastoral care Kai Horstmann
167 Vox populi vox dei? Theoretical evidence for religious education in populist times Jan-Hendrik Herbst, Andreas Menne
183 Digital Media, Church and Religion Traditional and new resonance systems from the perspective of the young generation Christina Schachtner
197 Called to the Teaching Profession - Relationships between Vocational Perception, Self-Regulation and Motivational Orientations in Teachers of Evangelically Oriented Schools Sebastian Röhl, Manfred L. Pirner
112 Perspectives of Headmasters on School Services and Multi-religious School Celebrations Tanja Gojny
230 Digital learning should be mobile and relevant to life. A survey of Religious Education students Oliver Adam, Jürgen Deniffel, Ilona Nord, Carsten Gennerich, Jens Palkowitsch-Kühl
239 Freundschaftskonzepte junger Christ*innen und Muslim*innen – (religiöse) Werteorientierungen in Freundschaften Margit Stein, Veronika Zimmer
274 Attitudes, beliefs and strategies of prospective religion teachers in Christian-Muslim dialogue. Exemplary approaches to controversial topics Antje Roggenkamp
300 Dialogical learning in the teacher training program of Catholic theology. Empirical studies on the implementation of Scriptural Reasoning Katharina Welling


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322 References to interesting new publications in the field of religious education Martin Schreiner


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