18. Edition 2019, Magazine 2

Politische Dimensionen religiöser Bildung

Part 2

Research and Discourse


Political dimensions of religious education

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Page 2 Political Dimensions of Religious Education - A Guideline Moritz Emmelmann, David Käbisch, Karlo Meyer, Mirjam Zimmermann
Page 6 Religious Education and Politics - A Field Opening from an Protestant Perspective Thomas Schlag
Page 19 Religious Education and Politics from a Juridical Perspective Heinrich de Wall
Page 25 Politics of religious education. CDU, SPD, Grüne, FDP, Linke and the RU of the future. A Panel Discussion at the GwR Conference 2019 Karlo Meyer
Page 42 Religious and politically bilingual - what does that mean? Ability to speak and talk in the context of political religious education Bernhard Grümme
Page 52 Between world polity and historical path dependency. Religious Education and Politics in an International Perspective Henrik Simojoki
Page 65 The Religious Field and its Textbooks: The Example of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Muslim Educational Works Zrinka Štimac
Page 79 The power of money as a challenge for politics and religion, political and religious education. System theoretical considerations and didactical concretions Thomas Heller
Page 93 "Respecting diversity - strengthening community" - an interreligious-dialogical teaching project from Offenbach Carolin Simon-Winter, Kristina Augst
Page 103 If your child asks you tomorrow..." Sermon on September 8, 2019 at the Evangelische Akademie Frankfurt Eberhard Martin Pausch
Page 106 Political Dimensions of Religious Education - Conference Review Julia Spichal, Gregor Reimann



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Page 45 Conference announcements Julia Spichal