23nd Edition 2024, Magazine 1

Last Generation?! Perspectives on sustainable religious education


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Part 1

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3 “Last Generation“. Perspectives in Religious Education Hans-Ferdinand Angel, Monika Jakobs, Ulrike Witten
23 Crisis discourses in educational, psychological, and sociological journals from 2020 to 2023 – A literature review from a religious education perspective Maike Domsel
40 Religious Education for the "Last Generation"? Intra- and intergenerational justice from a religious education perspective Claudia Gärtner
54 The climate crisis as a challenge to the pedagogical intergenerational relationship. Reflections on planetary intergenerational justice Cosima Quirl
71 Socio-Ecological Transformation and Transformative Religious Education Simone Birkel
88 The radical turn towards the system. Fundamental requests from the Last Generation to Society Boris Kalbheim
103 Letzte Generation and New Human. Juvenile Protest Culture and apocalyptic Thinking – a reflection from the view of the History of Education Alexander Maier
125 Hoping in God’s future – A theological view on Christian apocalyptic Simone Ziermann
135 Hope in sight? Religious education remarks on dealing with Climate Emotions Georg Bucher
150 Participation as a Condition for the Success of emancipatory (religious) Education for Sustainable Development. A Reconstruction of the implicit Knowledge of future Teachers Lena Tacke, Vanessa Henke, Stephanie Spanu, Jan-Simon Zimmermann
168 Education for Sustainable Development Against the Background of Dystopian Future Perspectives: Addressing Climate Emotions in School Learning Processes Julia Lemke, Magdalena Buddeberg, Vanessa Henke


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355 References to new publications Martin Schreiner


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418 Conferences Melanie Binder