19. Edition 2020, Magazine 1

"Formats of Religious Didactic Research" and "Religious Diversity in Curricula of Islamic Theological Studies"

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Table of contents


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1 Editorial Martin Rothgangel, Manfred L. Pirner

Religious Diversity in Curricula of Islamic Theological Studies

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183 Digital Media, Church and Religion Traditional and new resonance systems from the perspective of the young generation Christina Schachtner
213 Project presentation Silvia Horsch-Al Saad, Naciye Kamcili-Yildiz, Oliver Reis, Klaus von Stosch
215 "Other religions" in the curricula of Islamic religious education teacher training Naciye Kamcili-Yildiz
230 Mindsets of religious plurality as a factor in (Islamic) religious education Gerrit Mauritz, Miriam Hillebrand, Oliver Reis, Annika Wittke, Naciye Kamcili-Yildiz
249 Mindsets of good teaching in relation to mindsets of religious plurality Oliver Reis, Miriam Hillebrand, Gerrit Mauritz, Annika Wittke, Naciye Kamcili-Yildiz
267 "Then I'll just get on with it." - On the teaching control of the students into indifference Oliver Reis, Annika Wittke, Gerrit Mauritz, Miriam Hillebrand, Naciye Kamcili-Yildiz
282 Development Perspectives for the Dialogue of Religions at Universities Klaus von Stosch
290 Mindsets of teachers in Islamic religious education. Reflections on the workshop "Islam and Religious Diversity" at the University of Paderborn Angela Kaupp, Zekirija Sejdini


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444 Recommendable new publications Martin Schreiner


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492 Conferences Julia Spichal