19. Edition 2020, Magazine 1

"Formats of Religious Didactic Research" and "Religious Diversity in Curricula of Islamic Theological Studies

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Formate fachdidaktischer Forschung in der Religionsdidaktik

Islamische Religionspädagogik

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Page 215 "Other religions" in the curricula of Islamic religious education teacher training Naciye Kamcili-Yildiz
Page 230 Mindsets of religious plurality as a factor in (Islamic) religious education Gerrit Mauritz, Miriam Hillebrand, Oliver Reis, Annika Wittke, Naciye Kamcili-Yildiz
Page 249 Mindsets of good teaching in relation to mindsets of religious plurality Oliver Reis, Miriam Hillebrand, Gerrit Mauritz, Annika Wittke, Naciye Kamcili-Yildiz

Research and Discourse


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Page 444 Recommendable new publications Martin Schreiner