20th Edition 2021, Magazine 2

“When the Centre melts away“ – Great and small Narratives in Society and Religious Education

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1 Editorial Martin Rothgangel, Manfred L. Pirner

“When the Centre melts away“ – Great and small Narratives in Society and Religious Education

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5 “When the Centre melts away“ – Great and small Narratives in Society and Religious Education. An Introduction Angela Kaupp, Karlo Meyer
10 Current narratives concerning religion and society: The new social division and the loss of an impartial third party Clemens Albrecht
21 About Gods' movings, discussions about what connects and crucial points for discussions in religious pedagogics Mirjam Schambeck sf
29 Response to the presentation by Clemens Albrecht "Current narratives concerning religion and society: The New Social Division and the Loss of an Impartial Third Party" Manfred L. Pirner
35 “Students are…“ Narratives concerning Students of Religious Education Hans Mendl
43 Students’ Perspectives. Preliminary Thoughts on: "Loss of Center" - A Formative Religious Education Narrative!? Susanne Schwarz
52 Vampires, Game of Thrones, narratives, conceptual blending, correlation Steffi Fabricius, Johannes Heger
71 Narratives in Religious Education Research Joachim Willems
81 “If you want to question everything, start with the facts.“ Oliver Reis
93 #dnkgtt – Christian self-staging in social media as a narrative of faith communication Rebekka Burke, Lena Tacke
99 Storytelling in Explainer Films. A Teaching Project in Frankfurt for (inter-)religious Dialogue and Education David Käbisch
110 Decision as a Narrative in Religious Education? Deconstructing Nipkow’s Elementarisation of “Elijah and the Judgement of God on Mount Carmel“ Stefanie Lorenzen
121 Gender in Religious Education: Feminist Theologies - Gender Studies - Intersectionality Silvia Arzt
124 Narratives in the Context of Migration. Changing Narratives Changing Migration Evrim Erşan Akkılıç
131 Narrative 2030 - Thinking into the future of Religious Education Andrea Lehner-Hartmann, Martin Rothgangel
146 When the centre melts away…“ it’s not a loss for Religious Education – a Review of the Day that weighs the Facts with a knowing Wink. Vera Uppenkamp, Christian Höger
154 Poster: Away from War and towards Peace – Readjustment of Peace in Religious Education Christiane Caspary
158 Encountering Hinduism – An Analysis of German and English School Books Rebecca Deurer
162 Poster Death and dying as a topic in confirmation work Felicitas Held
166 Poster: From Game Design into the Lesson Plan – Development of Game Analysis with and about Games Simon Kluge
171 Poster: Moses 4.0 – Concept for a Digital Learning Environment for inclusive Religious Education Eileen Küthe
176 Poster: Patterns of Transformation of juvenile Theologisation. Potential of the “Conceptual Change“ Approach for Religious Education – as an Example in the Context of the issue of Victimisation Karin Peter
182 Poster: Biographies of teachers in Protestant and Catholic religious education and their significance for dealing with religious heterogeneity Maria Rehm
187 “Religious Education beyond the Middle Ground“– Context related Research of Lessons in Secondary Schools in Socially Marginalised Areas Silke Reindl
191 Poster: School pastoral care or youth catechesis? A descriptive and evaluative analysis of a Catholic youth centre Teresa Trynogga


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339 References to current publications of interest in Religious Education Martin Schreiner


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390 Conference announcements Melanie Binder