21th Edition 2022, Magazine 2

Positionality as a field of research for religious education in schools and for parish education


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Part 1

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5 Wo stehe ich, wo kann ich anders? Positionierung als religions- und gemeindepädagogisches Arbeitsfeld Karlo Meyer, Christian Mulia, Susanne Schwarz
13 „Religious Positionings“: Theoretical Reflections and Historical Orientation from the Perspective of Jewish Religious Philosophy Christian Wiese
32 The interactional dimension of religious positioning – a perspective for research on didactics of religion? Stefanie Lorenzen
49 Interpretative power-sensitive perception, reflection and accompaniment of positioning processes in religious education Martina Kumlehn
65 Dialog and Transformation. Motives and Perspectives of a Pluralistic Religious Education Andreas Obermann
83 "What does neutrality mean here?" – Teachers and their positionality in Religious Education Juliane Ta Van
90 How do you learn to teach transparently? Reflections on necessary balancing requirements in the development of positionality by prospective religion teachers Rainer Merkel
101 Confirmation Work. Occasion and location for positioning?! Ralf Fischer, Felicitas Held
117 Positioning in Ethics and Religious Education – Considerations on Task Didactics David Käbisch, Laura Philipp
128 "There is no right and wrong in matters of faith!" Dealing with Religious Truth Claims from the Perspective of University Didactics Norbert Brieden
164 Called by the church – Personally Asked. Religious self-positioning as a teacher and the “Vocatio” Tanja Gojny
172 Religious Positioning and Educational Offers. Educational Aspects of the 6th Church Membership Survey of the EKD 2022 David Käbisch
184 "Take a stand on..." Criteria for the Advancement and Evaluation of Reasoned Positioning in Religious Education in German High Schools Katharina Muth
204 Positioning. Normative Shifts and Practices in Religious Education Jan Woppowa

Part 4

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Part 5

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